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sharmin Akther
Apr 10, 2022
In General Discussions
Here is a good explainer video from Mashable: The key is that true virtual reality meets a few requirements: Perspective: a perspective that changes with the movement of your body and head Interactivity: an ability to interact with the environment, such as moving objectsNavigation: an ability to control where you go in the environment How People Use Virtual Reality company employee list Today People use the term VR as an umbrella term for a variety of experiences. Purists see VR as a technology that considers user perspective, interactivity, and navigation. But you might also hear "VR" used to describe 360-degree videos. like the ones you might have seen on Facebook or YouTube, where you can move your phone around to see a 360-degree view from where you are. held the company employee list photographer. Basically, under the umbrella of virtual reality, there are four major variations of virtual reality, depending on the technology used and whether the environment is 2D or 3D. flavors of virtual reality Click to enlarge. On the 2D side, you have things like 360-degree video, which Facebook and YouTube. have embraced, and several brands are experimenting with. Here's an example of a 360 degree video (note how you have control to move the screen in any direction you want during the video):Google is betting big on virtual reality, and Google has positioned company employee list its Daydream View smartphone headset released last November as one of the ways to get affordable virtual reality technology into the hands of the masses. Apps for Daydream and other smartphone headsets like the Samsung Gear VR include Netflix, HBO, and a growing list of games. Learn more about how the entertainment industry will be
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sharmin Akther

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