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Apr 23, 2022
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From the national complaints caused by the 9.0 major revision to the brand crisis that broke out in the "Campus Diary", Alipay has always Tunisia Phone Number List had a hard time on the social road. It can be said that Ant Forest, which started a nationwide tree planting boom around the Spring Festival this year, is a relatively successful product of Alipay in recent years and has a good reputation. It may be that he has seen the effect of Ant Forest's "four Tunisia Phone Number List ounces" of draining and promoting life. Alipay has recently launched a "public welfare game" in a low-key manner - Ant Manor . To put it simply, it is to obtain feed through "Alipay payment or donation", and collect eggs by feeding the chickens. 5 eggs can be donated once per episode. The specific gameplay can be experienced in the "Educational Public Welfare" column of Alipay. Whether Tunisia Phone Number List it is Ant Forest or Ant Manor, it is just a new model of product operation that is guided by public welfare and charity and essentially serves commercial interests. Aside from the public welfare nature, the following only shares some personal views on the business logic behind it. 1. It's not Tunisia Phone Number List the tree that you plant, it's actually yourself From walking donation, offline payment, online shopping of train tickets, movie tickets, living expenses, registration, DingTalk office, etc., Ant Forest's energy acquisition methods have covered all aspects of work, life and entertainment. Every leaf of every tree you plant is composed of pieces of your data, including some of your personal privacy of course. The first question about Ant Forest's privacy policy was an answer on Zhihu, but it was later opposed by Alipay's official account antsjinfu real name Tunisia Phone Number List and made public relations. Of course, I believe in the phrase " in the Internet age, everyone is running naked ", and I can understand the core role of user behavior data for Internet companies. Otherwise, rookie SF Express and Huawei Tencent would not have torn their faces for user Tunisia Phone Number List data. To be honest, I don’t care that personal data is collected or stored, but in terms of defining the scope of use, avoiding privacy risks, and protecting information security, companies and governments should give a clear statement to the real owner of the data – the user. Fortunately, there is such news recently.


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